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Police nabbed prime suspect husband for getting his wife killed

Police have cracked the Rohini murder case of Priya Mehra after a sustained interrogation with the husband Pankaj Mehra.

Cops revelation of the horrific incident comes after the prime suspect, Pankaj’s confession. He has affirmed his crime so that he could go back to his ex-wife.

Priya Mehra’s murder case has so far taken a dramatic twist with her husband’s interrogation. His confession revealed that the cooked up story is a self-created narration. He shot dead his wife and tried to blame the money lender for it in a wish to reunite to his ex-wife.

The restaurateur was arrested on the suspect of allegedly murdering his 34-year-old wife who was shot dead in a car in Rohini in the city’s northwest a day earlier.

The overnight interrogation exposed that the story of murder was Pankaj’s fictional narration. There was no other car of any money lender but Pankaj tried an easy escape by putting blame on them.

“The murder was committed as an outcome of a well-planned decision,” told Deputy Commissioner of police Milind Dumbere.

Priya Mehra had ducked up her two-year-son under the seat when she was shot. The kid escaped unscratched. Pankaj Mehra had told police that three-four men in a car had chased his vehicle and in a hurry-scuffle, the assault killed his wife.

The police’s statement reads that the 34-year-old Mehra ran up a debt of Rs 40 lakh as his business struggle and the money lender was threatening him.

Priya’s family further, revealed that the duo had a troubled marriage in which the couple even stayed separately for a year.

This alleged sequence of events made cops probe if their trouble marriage had anything to do with the killing leaving her husband as a lead suspect.

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