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Personal Coolers for Helmets: Bengaluru Start-Up’s Unconventional Idea

AptEner Technologies, a start-up in Bengaluru has come up with an innovative battery-operated personal cooling device for helmets which claims to create a micro-climate inside the helmet which is 6-15 degrees lower than the ambient temperature. Designed for ones existing full-face helmet, the gadget provides a dust-free ride with a bonus de-fogging feature to fight the pollution and dust in the

The idea came with the thought that instead of cooling a room, why not cool the person said Sundararajan Krishnan, CEO of the company. The battery can be easily be taken out for charging. Once fully charged, it lasts 10 hours. The evaporative, water-based cooling technology keeps the insides of the helmet cool and dust-free.

The air gets trapped in the water-based filter and what one gets is cool, clean air. It has a defogging feature that will especially help people who wear eye glasses,” The miniature air cooler for helmet comes with detachable, replaceable parts.

Since the product is made in India, it has kept the people excited. They feel it their own product. Also, our customers have given very positive and encouraging feedback so far," Mr. Krishnan said, who is currently focusing on the distributor network to make it accessible for more people in India and around the world.

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