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OMG!! An unarmed Woman in MP fights with a leopard to save her 6-year-old son.

No one can love you as much as your mother. We all have heard stories about a mother’s love. A mother can do anything just to safeguard and protects her children from all the bad in this cruel world. However, today the story we are going to share with you is incredible in its own way.

Recently, In Bhopal, an unarmed woman snatched her 6-year-old son from a leopard’s Jaw. It was a bloody fight. This incident took place in a village near Sanjay Gandhi National Park in MP’s Sidhi district.
The fight between the Leopard and the strong woman begins when she was sitting outside her hut with her kids, waiting for her husband to return home from work. Her young children were sitting next to her and her few months old was in her lap.

The 6-year-old Rahul and his two siblings sat next to their mother when the leopard had fixed the target on Rahul.
It was Badi Jhiriya village in the buffer zone of the national park when in a flash, the leopard darted out of the shadows and caught Rahul in his jaw.

The strong and feisty mother Kiran handed over her newborn baby to one of her other children and ordered them to go inside the hut. She got indulged in the fight with the leopard to save her kid.
As per the sources, She came out of the fight injured but with her son in her arms. The boy has deep wounds, but the scars and the memory of his unarmed mother wrestling a leopard will always remain.

Written by Shivangi Chawla

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