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Olalla !! Deepika Padukone now popular in food menu also, from dosa to paratha

Ooolalla !!Deepika Padukone now popular in food menu also, from dosa to paratha

Deepika Padukone is popular throughout the country for her acting. People around the world consider her as an icon. Deepika has inspired everyone. But  Today, we came across something interesting about Deepika Padukone that she also inspired restaurant food menu.

The name of ‘Deepika Padukone’ was seen in the food list of a restaurant in Pune and the dish name was ” Dipika Padukone Paratha”. It was also found in the food details that the rate of Deepika Padukone Paratha plate is 600 rupees. The legendary Paratha plate is written on the menu page.

A user shared a screenshot of the restaurant menu on Twitter. In which Deepika Padukone Paratha plate is highlighted. Actress shared this screenshot with Laughing Emoji on her twitter. In this menu, not only Dipika’s name is mentioned but also Parathas have been named after Sunny Deol, Yuvraj Singh, Bhagat Singh, Akshay Kumar, Sachin Tendulkar, Yo Yo Honey Singh are included.

Before that, A photo from the Austin province in Texas, America, where Dosa Plate was named after Deepika Padukone in Dasa Labs Restaurant. There is a mention of different types of diversity in the dosa list, one of which is Deepika Padukone.

Her fans too were excited with this new found information and couldn’t stop laughing out loud with many commenting that they would love to try it out.

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