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New turn in Kannada politics, former CM says no to Hindi Diwas!

Edited By:- Vikas Mavi

13 September 2022 (New Delhi): H D Kumaraswamy (former CM Karnataka) has urged the Karnataka government not to celebrate ‘Hindi Diwas.’ He was against the Hindi Diwas celebrations. He claimed that it has no meaning for those whose mother tongue is not Hindi. He demanded that it should be scrapped. On Monday, he wrote a letter to Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, urging him not to celebrate ‘Hindi Diwas’ by using taxpayer money. The former Chief Minister stated that celebrating Hindi Diwas, which falls on September 14, would be an “injustice” to the people of Karnataka.

No reason for celebrate: Kumaraswamy

In his letter, Kumaraswamy mentioned, “Celebrating the Union government-sponsored Hindi Diwas programme on September 14, forcefully in Karnataka, will be an injustice to Kannadigas by the State government. I urge that for no reason Karnataka government should celebrate Hindi Diwas by utilizing State’s taxpayers’ money.” Earlier, HD Kumaraswamy slammed BJP for playing dirty politics in Maharashtra. He said that “BJP has increased its thirst for power. BJP will not tolerate any other party being in power. BJP’s thirst for power is so bad”

Celebrating one particular language is injustice: Kumaraswamy

Noting that India is a “great union” of thousands of languages and dialects, over 560 princely states, and diverse social and cultural practices. He said, “In such a land, celebrating one particular language is injustice…” Previously, Kumaraswamy had spoken out against the Hindi Diwas celebrations, claiming that it has no meaning for those whose mother tongue is not Hindi and demanding that it be scrapped. Last year, there was widespread social media outrage, as well as protests by pro-Kannada organizations against Hindi Diwas. Which they called an “imposition of Hindi.”

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