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No Fear No Favour

No Guarantees of your well-being, After having this Oreo Maggi; Check Out Recipe Here

Byline by – Balkrishna

While cooks love to create recipes that will set them apart from the rest, sometimes it maybe stretched a tad bit, leaving many feeling disgusted. Weeks, after foodies were grossed out by Maggi Laddu, another picture of a sweet rendition of the instant noodles, has left people horrified online — Oreo Maggi.

Yes, you read it right. Maggi cooked with the chocolate cookies filled with cream! The photo created a buzz online after a Twitter user Lopamudra (@lopamohanty) shared it on the microblogging site. “Care for some Oreo Maggi?” she wrote on the platform, adding that while she didn’t create it, she shared it instead of “suffering alone”.

The image showed crushed cookies being mixed with the boiled noodles. However, the horrors don’t end there. The original recipe suggests a scoop of chocolate ice-cream to finish the dish!

On both Instagram and Twitter, most called the dish way too avantgarde for them, while some Maggi lovers threatened to unfollow and report the user.

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