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NLC Shorts: Check out the Top 4 news around the globe.

  1. Karnataka Government bans firecrackers during Diwali.

Karnataka has become one of the growing states of India which have banned the bursting of firecrackers during Deepawali. The state government took this decision while thinking about the coronavirus pandemic.

Poor air quality can be harmful to health as Coronavirus also impairs the functioning of the lungs. Experts say that both air pollution and COVID- 19 are known to affect the respiratory system.

2. Gautam Gambhir tested COVID- 19 Positive.

Former Indian Cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir has contracted the deadly virus. Gambhir shared this news on Friday morning.

“Due to a case at home, I have been in isolation awaiting my COVID test result. Urge everyone to follow all guidelines & not take this lightly. Stay safe! ” He tweeted.

3. Bulldog named Wilbur elected as the mayor of the community in US’s Kentucky.

Rabit Hash is an unincorporated community in the state of Kentucky in United States has elected a French bulldog named Wilbur Beast as the new mayor of the community.

Wilbur Beast has won the throne with over 13,143 votes which is the highest ever.

A Facebook post said that the other candidates, a beagle named Jack Rabbit and a golden retriever named Poppy have finished with second and third position respectively, and now they will serve as the brand ambassadors.

4. Brazil man marries himself after partner ditched him, shares pics.

Ever thought of marrying yourself? Well this 33 year old Brazilian doctor named Diogo Rabelo married himself with his family and friends in the ceremony. Last year, Diogo got engaged with Vitor Bueno and scheduled to get married last month. But after the series of arguments, Vitor broke up with Diogo.

Instead of calling off the wedding, Diogo decided to go ahead with his big day and marry himself.

Diogo tied knot with himself on October 16 in a resort in Itacare, Bahia.

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