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No Fear No Favour

Netizens bombarded Twitter with memes as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were Briefly Down for Users Around the World.

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Social Media Platforms WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook suffered a major global outage on late Friday night that lasted nearly an hour before it got resumed.

It was around 11 pm when users took to Twitter to complain about not being able to send or receive messages on WhatsApp, while many said that they were unable to upload images and videos on Instagram. Many users also complained of not even able to login their Facebook Id also.

Downdetector which tracks outages revealed that between 11 pm and 11:40 pm, the website showcased how more than 1.2 million incidents occurred of people reporting Instagram issues while 23,000 users reported WhatsApp issues.

Well it is still unknown what caused the global outage as there was no official word from the parent company Facebook. But many users across the world including India took to Twitter to report about the services being down and Twitter had a field day as people flooded it with hilarious memes deeming Twitter as the king of social media.

However, Citing technical glitch a Facebook spokesperson said, “A technical issue caused people to have trouble accessing some Facebook services. We resolved this issue for everyone, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Taking a dig at their global outage, WhatsApp’s official Twitter handle tweeted, “Thanks for your patience, that was a long 45 minutes but we are back! #WhatsAppDown.”

Signal, WhatsApp’s competitor for whom “privacy isn’t an optional mode,” also tweeted, “Signal registrations are through the roof; welcome everyone! Solidarity to the folks working on the WhatsApp outage. People outside of the tech industry will never understand how weird it sounds when someone says that they are “looking forward to some weekend downtime.”

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