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Neha Kakkar’s parents wanted to abort her, the reason will leave you in shock.

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June 6, 2022 (New Delhi): Bollywood’s famous singer Neha Kakkar is today at that point of success, where it is not everyone’s business to reach. One of the top singers of today’s era, Neha is celebrating her 34th birthday today. The life of Neha, who has reached the pinnacle of success, has been full of struggles. Many people would know the story of Neha’s struggle to rise from the ground and touch the sky, but very few people know that she had to struggle a lot to come to this world. Let’s know that story related to Neha’s life-

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Neha’s childhood pictures often go viral on social media. But did you know that her mother wanted to abort her before her birth. Yes, this is true and has been told in a video of Neha Kakkar herself.

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Actually, when Neha Kakkar was in her mother’s womb, she did not want to give birth to Neha. Neha’s brother Tony Kakkar had disclosed this in one of his videos. Tony Kakkar had told that before the birth of Neha, the condition of the house was not good due to which her parents did not want the third child to be born. But by the time Neha’s mother reached the hospital for abortion, it had taken her eighth week. In such a situation, abortion was not right for health after which Neha Kakkar was born on 6th June 1988.

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Neha Kakkar, who was interested in singing since childhood, used to sing hymns in her elder sister Sonu Kakkar’s Jagrats. Both earned money by singing bhajans for a long time. Later Neha participated in the reality show Indian Idol and took a step forward in her singing career. However, she did not get much success in this show. In the year 2008, he launched his album Neha the Rockstar. After this, she slowly progressed in the path of achieving her goal and made her mark in the industry.

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