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Moradabad DM Rakesh Singh mortgaged dozens of journalist in the emergency ward during Yogi visit

An erroneous incident took place at Moradabad, UP. Where DM locked up dozens of journalist in emergency ward who came there to cover UP CM Yogi Adityanath visit to Moradabad based government hospital.

“We were here to cover Yogi Adityanath’s visit to hospital and ask him some very serious health-related issues that are not available at district hospital but DM Rakesh Kumar Singh locked all the reporters in the emergency ward and when UP CM completed his visit and left the hospital premises then they opened our gate,” said Raju, Moradabad local reporter.

These kind of incidence are a black stain on our transparent functioning administration. If the fourth pillar of the constitution is treated like this then what else can we thought of other pillars of constitution i.e. Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary. The equation that can be derived from such incidents is, do whatever we want and say whatever pleases our ears otherwise you will be banned and prohibited from performing your tasks.

Congress general secretory Priyanka Gandhi Wadra tweeted “Journalists are being mortgaged, questions are being suppressed, and public problems are being neglected. BJP’s full mandate government is now trying to escape from the public’s social and emotional issues… Neta Ji Public know everything, they asked you questions and if required they will give you a suitable reply as well.”

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