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No Fear No Favour

Men who are smashing the gender norms

Byline By- Nitisha Nagpal

Yeah, we know it is difficult to find people with open mindset on the Internet. But lately and slowly, more and more people are eliminating those toxic dressing rules and welcoming true fashion with open hands

1. Harry Styles

Singer, song writer and music composer became the first male solo model featured on Vogue’s cover. Creating history the artist rocked a ballgown topped with a tuxedo blazer. Breaking all the gender norms, he can be often spotted rocking feminine fashion. We are totally in awe of his looks.

2. Billy Porter

Always experimenting with fashion he never a fails to channelise his inner diva. The actor is known for serving looks on the carpets. He believes in the philosophy of dresses as arts and should be worn confidently. Speaking with Vogue, he once said that he has always felt inspired by fashion and putting on heels have made him feel the most masculine.

3. Timothee Chalamet

This young gentleman and Internet sensation made his debut with ‘Call me by your Name’ and is an eye candy since then. On various carpet events he can be seen rocking female attire’s . His alluring features is what make him look elegant and stunning even in feminine fashion. Especially his Fushsia pant suit look is still adored by his fans.

4. Bad Bunny

Benito Antonio or Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper and sonwriter. The rapper does not shy away from expressing himself through fashion. Loud accessories, chick jewellery, manicured nails, out of the box makeup are totally his vibes. The thing which makes him stand apart is also the fact that his music addresses issues that others might shy away from.

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