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LUND University in Sweden faces problem deleting irrelevant comments from Indians DUW to its name

There are thousands of languages in the country. It is a possibility that a word might mean something else in one language and it would have an absolutely different meaning in another. A university in Sweden has been going through the pain of removing hundreds of comments on its official Facebook page because of the same reason. Yeah, you read that correctly.

The Facebook page of Lund University in Sweden recently released a statement that spoke about the name of the university and how it is rediscovered by students from various countries again-and-again. The statement read that the university is aware of the fact that its name means absolutely something else in their language

Saswata Sarkar shared an image of the statement with the caption, “Hi folks. Those of you who were creating a content by making fun of the University and by sharing it your friend’s wall you guys have successfully made a global outreach by defaming the University as well as letting down the name of the country. Congratulations bright young minds. I hope you find this relevant and owe up to your mistake. I feel ashamed to tag you all. My heartfelt apologies to Lund University (sic)”.

The statement continued, “The university name comes from the name of the city and the Swedish name is “Lunds Universitet.” This is an international research university founded in 1666 and ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The Facebook page is used to communicate with prospective students from around the world and to answer their questions about admission, scholarship and more. Every year, we receive applications from 170 countries around the world from students who would like to receive a degree from a top-ranked university. If you are not a prospective student, we would appreciate if you could write your comments directly to your friends and not on our page. As admins of the page, we need to spend hours deleting hundreds of comments to keep the page manageable, relevant and available for serious students questions. Thank you (sic).”

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