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Know Kangana Ranaut reaction on Aryan Khan drug case.

Know Kangana Ranaut reaction on Aryan Khan drug case​.

Kangana Ranaut reacted on Aryan Khan’s case. Read the full story to know more about it.

Aryan Khan was recently arrested for consumption of drugs in Cruise ship along with Arbaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha.

Aryan Khan’s plea was rejected by the court and this case has been talk of town and celebrities have been putting forward their different reactions including solidarity of Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan and other celebrities who penned note for this youngster.

Kangana reacted on Aryan Khan’s case through her instagram post by drawing parallel photo in which Jackie Chan with his son and another photo latter being arrested. The title of the post read: ‘Jackie Chan officially apologized when his son was caught in drugs case in 2014. It also had Hollywood superstar quote : I’m ashamed of my son’s act. This is my failure and I will not intervene to protect him.” This reveals how Jackie Chan is in favor of public welfare rather than his son.

However, such statement didn’t came from Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan which shows that he is in favor of his son rather than public welfare. What do you guys think about it? Write in the comment section below

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