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Know about miraculous journey of Chinese mind for building a hospital in 6 days.

A virus named ‘coronavirus’ is making to the headlines from past few days. Coronaviruses basically are a group of viruses that cause mild respiratory infections but get potentially lethal in some cases. This virus originated in Wuhan, China and has taken approximately 41 lives till now and has infected over 900 people. Huanan Sea food market in Wuhan is being considered as the beginning point of this virus.

This virus, since its origin has been spreading like some wild fire in Wuhan and has in fact affected other countries too. Wuhan is a home to 11 million people where the hospitals are already flooded with patients  and pharmacies are already out of medicines.

Amid all this, Wuhan has pledged to build a hospital for the patients as the hospital beds are already outnumbered by the people that are infected by coronavirus.  What’s making people around the world take more interest in this hospital is the duration of building the hospital that Wuhan has set for itself. Wuhan has announced that the hospital will be built within 6 days!

Yanzhong Huang who is a senior person at global health at the Council on Foreign Relations was seen quoting- “China has a record of getting things done fast even for monumental projects like this”.

The outbreak of the virus has led to shortage of beds in hospitals and hence this hospital is the reaction to the same. Ever since this update of Wuhan building a hospital in a time as less as 6 days has made to the news, people are reacting in their own ways to it. While this step of Wuhan is being praised by everyone, in India, there are people saying that Indian government should learn from China that what topics should concern the government. Indian government should come out of caste and religion to actually focus on development.

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