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Judgemental Hai Kya poster controversy: Photographer Flora Borsi claims makers of the movie copied her work

controversy on judgemental hai kya
Judgemental Hai Kya poster controversy: Photographer Flora Borsi claims makers of the movie copied her work

A European artist named Flora Borsi accused the makers of Judgemental Hai Kya of plagiarising her work. The photographer criticised the makers for not taking her permission before copying her work. She said it’s a shame on their part to copy work from a freelance artist.

She shared the film poster and her own photograph side by side on social media, and to be honest, they look identical. On Facebook, Borsi wrote, “Any similarities? It’s a famous Bollywood movie poster called “Judgemental Hai Kya”.

She also said, I just found out I’m not alone in this as an artist. Made a little research. He posted pictures of other work that has been copied in Bollywood. Followed by his comment, other people tweeted about the work that has been copied.

Sharing Rajkummar Rao’s tweet with the poster, she wrote, “Oh yeah, this image somehow reminds me of.. oh wait. looks like totally my work!”

Borsi’s tweets quickly went viral with netizens, including several members of the film fraternity, coming out in support.


Her Facebook post too stirred quite a controversy with many blaming Bollywood as a whole. Some were quick to comment that Bollywood, as an industry, relies on rip-offs and that Indian filmmakers lack creativity and originality. Flora, however, refuted such statements and said, “thank you so many guys for supporting me ❤ but I don’t want anybody to express hatred toward a nation or a country. It’s all about a big industry vs artists.”

She also added that she didn’t think Bollywood had anything to do with it. Instead, it’s the creative director who should take responsibility for the act. She wrote, “Bollywood has nothing to do with this. It’s all about the art department and the creative director. their responsibility is the feedback, which brings negativity in the big picture, which is Bollywood. When someone does bad things people can’t blame the country where was born.”

Judgemental Hai Kya, meanwhile, is doing good at the box office in India. The Prakash Kovelamudi-directed film, which hit the screens on July 26, has been praised by critics for its writing and the performances of the lead actors, Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao.

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