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Is Pornhub starting new category “Karnataka BJP”?

Is Pornhub starting new category “Karnataka BJP”?

Sadananda Gowda is a former Union Minister and a member of Parliament in Bengaluru, North, is a former chief minister of Karnataka. His video of pornography is being viral in various social media platforms but public had some questions in their mind that is this video is real? Or is this video is fakely made by some social media user ?What’s the reality? Let’s check the reality here.

The video is latest to torment the BJP in Karnataka further entangling the government in web of complications.
Former Union Minister and Senior BJP leader said on Sunday that his image has been morphed by some social media user to spoil his image in politics. Also he had filed complaint against that culprit in cyber crime branch of North division,Bengaluru.
Gowda says “Malefactors who are upset on my rise on political front ,has brought out fake, lewd video of mine for my fall.The video has become viral in social media which pains me .”

He further says by tweeting “Dear well wishers , morphed (deep fake) video of mine has been making rounds on social media. I would like to inform that, it is not me in the video, it’s created malign impeccable image by my adversaries with vested interest .”

According to cyber crime branch investigation police they are trying their best to find out the real culprit behind this “deep fake” video.
Earlier in the day , a video purportedly of minister soliciting a women over video call was uploaded on Facebook and subsequently went on viral .

Gowda also recalled that Bengaluru court has issued injection order restraining media from publishing fake or baseless content on social media platforms.

So in our reality check this video of Sadananda Gowda ‘s pornography video which has been viral over many social media platforms is “deep fake.”

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