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India’s smallest baby survives at Sumitra Hospital, Noida

By: Divya Thearia

12 December 2022 (New Delhi): One of the smallest babies in India was born in Sumitra’s Hospital Noida, Uttar Pradesh at just 6 months of pregnancy with 480 grams of weight. According to the doctors, baby had difficulty in breathing due to immature lungs.The condition of baby was so critical that the baby was put on ventilatory support and given injection in lungs for improving the lung capacity as such types of babies have on only 1% chance of survival. Baby was treated in NICU, under the guidance of Dr. V.K Gupta, the Head of Department and Dr. Ankit Gupta, the Head of Neonatology in Sumitra Hospital, Noida. During the hospital stay, the baby had several problems like immature lungs, NEC, heart diseases, ROP, kidney disease and baby was born on mechanical ventilator for long period.

Hardwork of doctors led to successful saviour of baby’s life as baby was discharged at weight of 1.4 kg after 3 months of stay in hospital. According to Dr. Arpit Gupta (HOD of Sumitra Hospital), “Such babies require an environment similar to womb until they reach maturity. Chances of survival are very less. This baby had stormy course but with support of staff and parents we were able to perform a miracle and save one of the smallest babies in North India.”

It was the first time in NCR and UP when a premature baby with 480 grams of weight survived under the guidance of Dr. Arpit Gupta, who has record of saving many critical newborn babies weighing less than 1 kg alongwith serious complications and medical issues. Let us tell you that earlier, babies with critical condition were shifted to Delhi from Noida but with the level of hardwork by the staff of Sumitra Hospital, Noida it is not wrong to say that the level of health care is improving day by day in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

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