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Indian Air Force Day Special; Know some iteresting facts about Indian Air Defence.

Indian Air Force Day Special; Know some iteresting facts about Indian Air Defence.

Indian Air Force Day is celebrated on 8th October every year. Read the full story to know about it’s significance and some interesting facts about it:

India observes Indian Air Force Day on 8th October every year because on this day Indian Air Force was raised as supporting the force of Royal Air Force in United Kingdom 1932 .Every year Indian Air Force Day was celebrated at Hindon Air Force Station ,Ghaziabad ,Uttar Pradesh.
The celebration is marked by presence of the day is marked by IAF chief and other senior officials of three armed forces.
On this special occasion the magnificent show of aircraft is shown up in a sky.

Interesting facts about IAF (Indian Air Force):

• Indian Air Force is ranked as 4th operational army in the world. Only China, US and Russia are ahead of India

• The motto of India Air Force is derived from eleventh chapter of Bhagwat Geeta which is

“Nabham Sparasham Deeptham” which literally
means “Touch the Sky with Glory.”

• The Indian Air Force employees over 1,400 aircraft
and about 170,000 personnel .

• The world’s largest airbase in the world is situated
in Hinton Air Station Ghaziabad ,Uttar Pradesh and it
is largest airbase in entire Asia.

• IAF made the world record in rescuing the civilians
during the natural calamities of Uttrakhand flash floods ,Gujrat cyclone (1998) and tsunami (2004).Their mission named‘ Rahat ’ under which 20,000 people were rescued.

• IAF even works with United Nations is peacekeeping missions

• IAF has included significant number of women pilots ,women navigators and women officers who provide services to Indian Air Force even Rafale Fleet of IAF has a women fighter pilot.

• IAF also been important part of various operations such as Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot and many more operations.

On this we should remember our IAF soldiers and salute for their work of guarding our country.

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