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How will the India-US bilateral relation will change under Biden’s reign?

In the US presidential election 2020, Democratic candidate Joe Biden may have won this contest against Republican candidate Donald Trump, but his challenges do not end here. Now they have to face real challenges. India is also watching the latest situation. Now it will be interesting to see what stand of US President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Kashmir and Human Rights issue?

Will it affect India-US relations? Biden-Harris take on Kashmir and the human rights issue?

Kamala Harris is known for a strong relationship between India and America. Although the Trump administration was silent when India amended Article 370, India was inconvenienced by Kamala Harris’s statement. Harris had condemned India. On October 29, 2019, Harris said that we have to remind Kashmiris that they are not alone in the world. She said that we are monitoring the situation.

If the situation changes then there will be a need to intervene. At that time India had said that this is an internal matter of India, but now it will be interesting to see if the Biden administration is ready to understand the real concern of India.

Prof. Pant says that Indo-US relations have gained a strategic depth in the last two decades. The proximity between the two countries has increased. He said that the relationship between the two countries is not going to have much effect on the change of power.
He said that differences between the two countries can happen on many issues and will continue to happen, but this will not adversely affect Indian interests. This will not affect the relationship between the two countries.
He said that there is an excellent mechanism to resolve differences between the two countries. Prof. Pant stressed that the Democratic Party has also raised questions about Kashmir in the past, but it has not affected the relationship between the two countries. Relationships have strengthened.

Pant said that Indo-US relations have strengthened over the last 20 years. However, he must have been the President of any political party. He said that Bill Clinton was from the Democratic Party. During their six-day visit, the two countries developed a cordial relationship. This was the longest visit of an American President to India. It proved to be a milestone for India-US relations. He said that the relationship between the two countries deepened even during the tenure of President George W. Bush.

Bush was from the Republican Party. During Bush’s visit to India, the two countries signed the nuclear deal. The agreement provided strategic depth between the two countries. Bush was from the Republican Party. Similarly, during the tenure of former Democratic Party President Barack Obam, relations between the two countries were further intensified. He made two trips to India.

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