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Hindi Divas 2021: Why in a country of majorly Hindi speaking people , English is more prevalent?

Hindi Divas 2021: Why in a country of majorly Hindi speaking people , English is more prevalent?

Today is Hindi Day. Like every year, some formal events are to be held on this occasion. They will also have some discussions on Hindi, most of which will go in the background for the rest of the year. In fact, the one issue that should be the most focused in such a discourse is to make Hindi the language of employment. If Hindi becomes the language of livelihood, then its development will happen automatically. With this help in the promotion of Hindi, Hindi can also be taken to every corner of the world.

Have we ever noticed that why English is flourishing so much in a Hindi-speaking country like India, while the number of people who speak and understand Hindi is more than 800 million. Not only this, such organizations or companies where Hindi language is functioning, they cannot survive without English. Along with Hindi, only people who understand English are selected. That is, for such youth who are from rural background and do not have the means to learn English, it is a big challenge for them to get employment in private institutions also.

Good and pure Hindi is out of the list of general employment requirements. Good English has been established here as a proof of proficiency. This shows the level of English and Hindi. This also shows how serious we are for the development of Hindi. In such a situation, the government needs to make such policies through which proper employment can be provided to the people who are proficient in Hindi. Also, to promote Hindi language, we have to make our future generation realize the importance of Hindi.

We have to tell why Hindi is necessary for us. If employment opportunities are not provided, then obviously people will run towards the language in which employment is available. The Government of India will have to take the most important initiative to improve the condition of Hindi and the society will have to support it. Hindi will have to be given preference in official work, court proceedings etc. Dependence on English has to be reduced. The government has definitely indicated this in the new National Education Policy.

At present, the government has also made efforts for Hindi. But there is a need for a radical change in this system, for which the government will have to be serious on every aspect. It has to be understood that when we speak a language a lot, read a lot, then that language remains alive, but as soon as we stop speaking a language, we start ignoring it, then that language gradually disappears. It seems We should not allow this situation to happen with Hindi.

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