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Here’s how Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan reacts on victory of team India

By: Divya Thearia

2 September 2022( New Delhi): The Indian cricket team created a sensation by defeating Pakistan by 5 wickets in the very first match of the Asia Cup. Indian cricket fans got a chance to celebrate victory of team India. Hasin Jahan, the wife of Mohammed Shami also reacted on team India’s victory as she shared a post on Instagram celebrating this victory. But this post has created a big controversy.

Haseen targets Shami

After the victory against Pakistan, Shami’s wife congratulated Team India by sharing a photo of Hardik Pandya. But in the caption of this photo, Haseen has written something which has created a ruckus as she wrote “Congratulations for a memorable victory. Many thanks to our tigers for making the country win. The status of the country, the dignity of the country, saved from honest patriots, not from criminal women.” Seeing the caption of this post, people are guessing that Haseen is directly targeting Mohammed Shami here.

Fans trolled her fiercely

After this post by Hasin Jahan, the fans of Mohammed Shami have become very angry. Shami’s fans are trolling Haseen fiercely in the comment box. Many people are saying that Shami has always brought fame to the country. At the same time, many are also making lewd comments about Hasin. Hasin’s posts often create a ruckus on Instagram. Especially on the posts targeting Shami.

They didn’t get divorced

Hasin Jahan has been living separately with her daughter for a long time due to a dispute with Mohammed Shami. The dispute between these two has been going on for a long time. Let us tell you that there is no divorce between the two yet. In 2018, Mohammed Shami was booked under charges of assault, rape, attempt to murder and domestic violence by his wife, Hasin Jahan. Hasin Jahan had filed a case against Shami and his brother.

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