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Here’s how Mahesh Bhatt reacts on Sushmita-Lalit’s relationship

By: Divya Thearia

Picture Credit: Internet

July 20, 2022 (New Delhi): Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi have been on the internet continuously for the past few days. Both of them have been in the headlines since the announcement of their relationship. While many people were surprised as soon as the news of the actress’s relationship came out, there was some rumor. However, when it was confirmed later, different reactions started coming out from everyone from celebrities to common people. While many people were seen supporting the actress regarding this relationship, many also trolled her fiercely. On the previous day, Sushmita Sen’s ex-boyfriend Vikram Bhatt also gave his reaction. At the same time, famous filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has also given his reaction on the relationship of the actress.

Picture Credit: Internet

Recently, while talking to a website, Mahesh Bhatt told that he has a lot of respect for the actress for Sushmita and her ability to be brave. He said, “I will always remember her fondly. She is an unusual girl. What I salute her for is her habit of living her life on her own terms. She has the courage to live her own life.” He further said that my personal belief is that we should give the right to human beings to live life on their own terms in the second decade of the 21st century. And if you don’t want someone to impose your thoughts and beliefs on you, then you should have others for that. I think she has always been someone who has listened to her heart and lived her life on her own terms.”

During this, Mahesh Bhatt also recalled his first meeting with Sushmita after winning the Miss Universe crown. He told that, “I first heard about Sushmita from a friend of mine. My friend had said that Miss Universe in one of her interviews has expressed her desire to work in a film directed by me. That’s when I also shared her picture. He further said that I was looking for new people all the time and was looking for new challenges to make films. So I decided to meet Sushmita. During that time Sushmita was unaware of the standard of the film industry, Because she didn’t have the qualities that a normal film heroine would have.”

Picture Credit: Internet

Apart from this, Mahesh Bhatt also remembered working with Sushmita in Dastak. During this, the relationship between Sushmita and Vikram Bhatt started. He further added, “I gave him the idea of ​​Dastak and he immediately said yes. And the rest was history. But during the making of Dastak, Vikram’s romance with Sushmita started in Seychelles. Vikram was my right hand and at the forefront. lived. He was doing most of my work. So, he used to interact with him more strictly. Thus began the romance. I met him only once when he went to Kolkata to dub Srijit Mukherji’s film. in which she acted. At that time the actress once again spoke warmly to me.”

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