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Here’s how Lalit Modi reacted on trolls taking jibe at his and Sushmita Sen’s relationship

By: Divya Thearia

Picture Credit: Internet

July 17, 2022 (New Delhi): On July 14, when former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi announced his relationship with the country’s first Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, there was a stir in the entire country. Only the name of these two remained stuck on everyone’s tongue. All the memes were made and various comments were made on the relationship between the two, after which Sushmita Sen first broke the silence and now Lalit Modi wrote a very emotional post.

Lalit Modi took a jibe at the media for trolling himself. He wrote, ‘Why is the media so excited to troll me? Can anyone explain why I just shared two pictures on Instagram and the tag is also correct.’ Lalit Modi further wrote, ‘I think we are still living in the medieval era that no two people can be friends and if the chemistry is right and the times are going well then magic can happen too.’

Picture Credit: Internet

He gave advice to targeted journalists
Lalit Modi said, ‘I think there is no accountability of journalists in our country. No case has been registered against them for this. Every journalist tries his best to be Arnab Goswami. My advice is to live yourself and let others live. Write the right news. Not Fake News in Donald Trump Style.’

Minal Modi was also mentioned Menal Modi. He said, ‘If you don’t know about me, I’ll tell you about my life. Meri Mohabbat Minal Modi is no more in this world. Despite being married, she was my best friend for 12 years. She was not my mother’s friend. These things were spread only for selfishness. It’s time to get out of this sick mentality. I hope you know what it means. If someone is moving ahead and doing good for himself and his country, then encourage him.Lalit Modi wrote, ‘I hold my head high and so can you. You call me a ‘runaway’. Please tell me which court has convicted me till date.

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Lalit Modi said “I will not tell you anything. You tell me if there is someone in our beautiful country who has made all that I have done. And gave it as a gift to the country. Everyone knows how difficult it is to do business in India. If we choose 15 cities, then this kind of problem will come up in 12 cities. I had said this also during the IPL T20 in 2008 during the recession. Everyone was laughing at that time. Who’s laughing now, because everyone knows I did it all alone. None of the BCCI did anything. Everyone used to come there for a ta-da of $500 a day.

Lalit Modi credits himself for the success of IPL. He said, ‘Everyone knows who did all this in the IPL, which connected the whole country. This is a game created by me, which everyone is enjoying. Lalit Modi said- ‘What do you think I care when you call me a fugitive. Not at all. I was born with ‘Diamond Spoon’. I have never taken a bribe, nor have I ever needed it.

Picture Credit: Internet

Lalit Modi said that “Perhaps you forgot that I am the eldest grandson of Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi. I brought money to the country, never took Especially never took public money, never took the side of the government.”

Lalit Modi informed about BCCI saying “The time has come to wake you up from your sleep. When I joined BCCI, the board had only Rs 40 crore in the bank account. I was associated with BCCI on my birthday, 29 November 2005. Can you guess what was the BCCI bank balance when I was banned? At that time, there were Rs 47680 crore in the account of BCCI, which is about $ 17 billion. Did a joker help? No… they didn’t even know how to start. Shame on you fake media. Now he is working like a hero. Show honesty at least once.”

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