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Fishermen from around India is offended by Supreme Court’s ‘Fish market remark’ remark; Want it removed

The National Fisherfolk Forum, a group of fishermen has urged Justice Chandrachud of the Supreme Court to take back his ‘worse than fish market’ comment.

Justice Chandrachud, one of the judges hearing the Justice Loya death cease had made the remark amid a heated courtroom argument between the lawyers representing two sides.

“This is turning into worse than a fish market…let us not reduce the level of debate to a fish market,” Justice Chandrachud who intervened commented.

The remark has however not gone down well with the fishermen community.

The NFF in a statement urged the judge to take back his unparliamentary word.

“The utterance of the honorable justice is tantamount to disrespecting the total fisher communities and so highly condemnable. The hearts of the fisher community are pained as he has mentioned their activity in a case which has nothing in common,” the statement said.

Questioning why the fish market activities were project in “bad colour,” the statement said the fisher communities across India are bewildered at such a derogatory remark.

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