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No Fear No Favour

First time in the history of 5,000-years: Dwarkadhish Nagari has turned into ‘No Mans Land’.

Due to Corona, this time every temple of Mathura and Vrindavan has been closed from 10 August to 13 August for people from outside.

Natives of Mathura and Vrindavan say that preparation for Janmashtami would start here months in advance. A week ago, the voice of Dwarkadhish was heard here round the clock. But, this time the view here is as if you have come to another city. Over 1 lakh devotees arrive here on the occasion of Janmashtami and this is probably the first such Janmashtami where only silence is present. We have seen this for the first time in our life.

The roads of Mathura, which were always busy, are deserted on the occasion of Janmashtami. Today, the station road and the new bus stand in the city have more movement than before. Security personnel is stationed at the main gate of the temple and some journalists from the local media are making videos from mobiles that this time due to Corona, devotees are not allowed to enter the Sri Krishna-Janmasthana temple.

There is a police check post in the middle of the road. At the post, some Uttar Pradesh Police personnel and an inspector are seated with a handkerchief on their mouths. On the outer wall of the post is written- High-Security Zone, Sri Krishna-Janmasthana. No vehicles are allowed inside here. One can walk on foot to the main gate of Shri Krishna-Janmasthana Temple, located at a distance of about 700 meters.

Just opposite the main gate of the temple. There is a tea shop. The owner of this shop is Bablu Sharma. For the last 8 years, he has been sitting at the shop. Earlier his father used to sit. Their shop has been here for the last 48 years and they only sell tea. This shop of Bablu Sharma is on rent. The fare is five thousand rupees every month. They have not paid rent for the last four months. It was hoped that if Janmashtami will be celebrated then only they can pay the pending rent.

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