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Do’s and Don’ts that everyone needs to follow before calling back your Domestic help during the ongoing pandemic

By Tarini Khosla

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the whole world is taking all the possible precautionary measures, social distancing being one of them. To prevent further infection, many countries have implemented lockdown. Because of the panic generated in everyone due to the prevailing situations of the pandemic, everyone has given forced holidays to their servants. But now slowly the world is getting back on the tracks. The transportation services have resumed, shops, malls, markets, and religious places are also reopened. Although the threat of COVID-19 is still there, thus, in such a situation, there are some precautions that people should surely consider before calling back their domestic helpers. So that you and your family and other people around you can stay safe and healthy.

1. Keep spare masks for your domestic help: Always keep spare masks for helpers in case they don’t have their own masks you could provide them.

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2. Social distancing: Everyone in your family including you must keep a safe social distance from anyone entering your home or while you move out of your home.  For the time being, the fact needs to be emphasized that ‘social distancing is the social vaccine’ of the novel Coronavirus.

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3. Act as a family to your domestic help: The country is going through such a crisis-like situation when the underprivileged are most vulnerable. Act as a morale booster to your domestic help, to stimulate a positive mental positioning needed the most to overcome these thunderous times.

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4. Wash the utensils again: The virus can stay on the metal surface for longer. So, either do not get them washed by her or wash them again after she does it for you.

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These are the necessary precautions that people should surely adhere to so that they could protect themselves and the people nearby.

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