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No Fear No Favour


By Shivangi Chawla

AHEMDABAD: ‘Don’t touch the infected person with bare hands, if you need to touch wash your hands rigorously.. isolate an infected person and maintain distance from each other to reduce chances of infection. It may be one of the incessant health advisory messages give by Union Health Department or World Health Organisation (WHO) in wake of corona pandemic . But this advisory- aimed at Jain Sadhus Sadhvis is a good 2400 years old.

Jain Muni Ajitchandrasagar told ToI that upon study of Ogh Niryukti sutra , one of the Aagmas in Janisam , he came across the santaz 14 to 19.

“Even in that era, the author Bhadrabahu Swami, advised new sadhus and sadhvis against health hazards ,”he said. While ancient scriptures have no concept of an epidemic, texts related to Ayurveda do mention Janpadodhwans-referring to diseases that could destroy entire Janpad of Ancient India, said by city-based Vaidya Praveen Hirpara.

The scripture Menstions that the path taken by the infected person should not be taken by others and one should not stop near the infected person . ‘If an infected sadhu dies, his belongings should be disposed of and should not be used byhouses . ” Food with liquid or salt , cloth with wool and utensils made of iron should not be touched -it can infect a person for long,” says the sutra .

Muni Trailokyamanandavijay , said even before the concept of ‘social distancing’ was advocated, the scripture mentioned the sadhus and sadhvis should not do vihara (travel ) in groups in areas with infection.

” I read a couple of years ago , but when the WHO advisory was issued , we found similarities betwwn what we preach two millennia ago and now , ” he said , it was nothing to do with any specific religion .”But we as society are no stranger to epidemics and we know how to contol it. “

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