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Desi Kurta-pjyama stands out perfect in the suit boot queue

Straight away opposing the perfect suit boot ki sarkar, here’s how our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr Modi donning his established kurta-pyjama wali sarkar attire. But who will say to our PM that there is a proverb, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” which means act like the crowd to get merged in it.

Mr Modi, we do respect our conventional attire but please do not try to impose it on an international platform.

Yes, we all do try to give the impression of being different in a crowd and in a similar attempt; this photo of Narendra Modi in Kurta-Pyjama has instigated a thousand memes.

The distinct appearance of him spread like an untamed fire on the Internet and taking a quick move; our social media wastes no time in launching memes in such instances.

The PM not only attracts lovers but an equal figure of haters in the nation. All of which makes him prime online meme material.

This comes when the world leaders came together to pose for a photo during the opening ceremony of the 31st ASEAN Summit in Philippines.

In a photograph taken at the event, we see all world leaders including Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen, U.S. President Donald Trump, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dressed in business suits.

PM Narendra Modi’s dapper look in his desi attire.
Our PM shines brightly among Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Shinzo Abe and others.

The photo of Modi’s distinct appearance in Kurta-Pyjama spread like wildfire on the Internet and social media wasted no time in launching a hundred memes overnight.

Here’s the flooding tweet:

“Won’t it be fun if some ultra Hindu outfit came along insisted that kurta-pyjama wali sarkar is Mughal in nature,” tweeted a handle.

What an adorable odd-one-out! We do love you, Mr PM. After all bunny acts are too cute to handle! Isn’t it?

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