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COVID contracted Colombian woman in coma gives birth to a non-infected baby

By Purvi Jain

Diana Paola Angola, who was battling for her own life due to COVID-19 gave birth to a baby boy named Jefferson. The 36-year-old lady was into a coma due to which her lungs were unable to cope.

Doctors have performed a caesarian section looking at the conditions of her lungs and Jefferson was also born 14 weeks ahead of the delivery schedule i.e. three and a half months early.

The case has generated a lot of shocks, Paula Velasquez, a doctor specialized in internal medicine at Versailles clinic in the southeastern city of Cali, told AFP.

Dr. Paula added, “We knew that there were few reported cases of survival in a context as severe as our patient.”

Angola, the mother of a daughter too was taken to the hospital due to high fever on May 15 but three days later she was put in an induced coma and was kept in the same condition till surgery.

Because of her pregnancy, she was made to sit at a 45° angle, but when suffering from pneumonia people are usually laid down to help in breathing.

Jefferson who was born prematurely hasn’t caught coronavirus but doctors said he has problems to breathe and they have to revive him.

The pediatrician Edwin Olivia who was one of the specialists involved in the birth said, “We had to go through the whole procedure of a critical patient.”

He also said though the baby is kept in an incubator, he has started putting on weight and breathing more easily.

Velasquez said, “A human being can survive from 24 weeks with a good weight that with a lot of technology and an Effect on Neurological development and the lungs.”

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