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Congress leader Sonia Gandhi urges for peace, Takes dig at BJP: “Sad govt ignored your voice”

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi expressing her concern on Government’s ‘Agnipath’ Scheme.

June 18, 2022 (New Delhi): Amid the highly violative ‘Agnipath’ Row, Congress Leader, Sonia Gandhi in a statement said, “I’m sad that govt ignored your voice & announced a new scheme that is completely directionless… I appeal to all of you to protest peacefully in a non-violent manner. Indian National Congress is with you.” She made it clear that she can understand the pain of the youths over the “three-year delay” in recruitment despite lakhs of vacancies in the Army. After the announcement of this scheme, Public property is being damaged, from railway coaches to busses all are burning.

In Picture: Nationwide Protest after government announced the Agnipath scheme.

Sonia Gandhi didn’t stop here, she expressed her thoughts on the contentious issue and said, “It is unfortunate that the government has announced a new armed forces’ recruitment policy, which is completely directionless and it has done so while ignoring your voices,” she said in a statement in Hindi, addressed to the youths. Declaring her party’s support for them, the Congress president said along with the youths, several ex-soldiers and defence experts have questioned the scheme.” Protest over the Agnipath scheme has taken a wild turn. Pictures and videos of violence are coming in from all over the country. Young men are on the streets, hopes for a quick solution seems low.

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