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China Unveils World’s First AI Anchor

China have introduced the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) anchor who can work for 24 hours daily. The Chinese government controlled Xinhua news agency unveiled the AI anchor at the World Internet Conference in China’s Wuzhen on Wednesday. The AI anchors were developed to simulate the voice, facial movements and gestures of real-life broadcasters so that it doesn’t look like a cold robot. Cloned from real life broadcasters, the AI anchors can speak tirelessly as long as they are given a text.

Xinhua, the state controlled news agency, said that the usages of AI technology is not limited to news presenting and hints at the possibility of cloning parents and telling young children stories. Xinhua said that the new AI anchors have “endless prospects” and can be used to generate news reports 24*7 on multiple platforms such as TV, web and mobile even as the range of facial expressions is limited and the voice sounds artificial.

Whilst the development in the field of technology have been hailed and applauded, there were sections of viewers who found the new AI anchors scary to the extend of shivering at the concept of clones taking over the media industry in China.


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