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China to set up ‘separation line’ on Mt Everest to curb on Covid-19.

Byline By- Balkrishna

China will make “a line of separation” at the Mt Everest highest point to keep climbers from the Chinese side from blending with those climbing the world’s tallest mountain from Nepal, Chinese state media has announced.

The choice was taken after various Covid-19 cases were analysed among climbers rising the mountain from Nepal, the report said.

It is not clear what the separation line will be made of. The climbers ascending the north side of the mountain from Chinawill be prohibited from crossing the line or coming into contact with anyone or any objects on the south, or Nepalese, side.

The Everest headquarters on the Nepalese side has been hit by Covid cases since late April with Kathmandu yet to drop the spring climbing season. The country’s economy is vigorously reliant upon the travel industry income.

A group of Tibetan mountaineering aides will set up the partition line at the top before climbers attempts to arrive at the highest point from the Chinese side. The report didn’t clarify how the partition line will be drawn and characterized or what it will be made of.

All things considered, mountain climbers of the north side of Everest from China will be disallowed from going too far or coming into contact with anybody or any articles on the Nepaleseside.

Despite the fact that imported cases are accounted for every day, China has checked the homegrown transmission of Covid-19 disease. Nepal, notwithstanding, has seen a flood in the episode with record new contaminations and passing as of late.

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