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Brazilian Mother Gives Birth to Twins With Different Biological Fathers

By: Divya Thearia

8 September 2022 (New Delhi): A surprising case has emerged from Brazil. Here, a 19-year-old girl has given birth to twins from two different fathers. The doctors themselves are taken aback after learning of the situation; how is this possible?However, some doctors believe that such occurrences may be rare and may be seen in one case in a million.

However, this shocking case is from the Mineiros district of the province of Goiás in Brazil. Here, a girl had a relationship with two men on the same day and, after 9 months, gave birth to twins. According to media reports, there was confusion about who was the father of the twins, so a DNA test was done to confirm it. The girl was shocked when she saw the report.

Children of different fathers, but similarity in both

She said that she was considering a young man as the father of both the children, but in the test he turned out to be the father of only one child. It is also surprising that the girl says that despite being conceived by two different men and having a baby in one delivery, they have a lot in common and they look almost alike. The girl said, “I remembered that I had had an affair with another person on the same day and called him for a test. The report came back positive. I am shocked to see this and did not know that this could happen. Both the kids are very similar.

20 cases reported in this world

According to experts, the event is extremely rare, but it is not impossible. Scientifically it is named as heteroparental superfecundation. This can happen when two eggs from the same mother are fertilized by different males. Babies share the mother’s genetic traits, but they grow in separate placentas. However, this is not the first case. So far 20 such rare cases have been reported in the world. The girl told that the children are now 16 months old. The father of one of these children is taking care of both of them.

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