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Bollywood And Its Battle Of Mental Health, , “I was diagnosed with depression in 2014…..says Deepika Padukone.

In Pic: Deepika Padukone

April 07,2022(New Delhi): Physical and Emotional Health are complementary; both goes hand in hand. It is said that we learn things better with the help of movies. A number of recent films that ruled the box -office, were made to reveal an awareness of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression by Bollywood stars. Yet, there are many actors and actress who have gone through their worst with their mental health. Where some Stars spoke candid about their struggle, some were consumed by the evil darkness of loneliness.

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Stars Like Deepika Padukone and Tiger Shroff spoke about their depression battel publicly and aware people about the importance of mental peace.
Once when Deepika visited the show KBC for promotion of her one of film, the actress talked about her battle with depression. She told the show’s host Amitabh Bachchan, “I was diagnosed with depression in 2014. I used to feel weird that people don’t talk about it. It was a stigma and people don’t even know much about it. During that time, I realized that if I am experiencing this, then there would be many people out there facing depression as well. My ambition in life was that if I could save just one life, then my purpose was solved. We have come a long way now.”

In Pic: Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan

When Mr. Bachchan asked her how did she know that she was suffering from depression, Deepika said, “Suddenly mujhe aise laga ki mere paet mein ek ajeeb sa feeling hota tha, ek khaalipan mein mehsoos karti thi (I used to get a very weird feeling, like there was an emptiness inside me).” The actress added, “I didn’t feel like going to work or meeting anybody. I did not want to go out. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Many times, I don’t know if I should say this but I didn’t feel like living anymore. I felt like I had no purpose.”

In Pic: Jiah Khan

During the episode, Deepika added, “My parents had come to visit me in Mumbai from Bengaluru once. So, when they were leaving for the airport, I started crying suddenly. My mother noticed that there was something wrong with me. She felt something was off with the way I was crying. It was not the usual cry. The way I was crying, it was like a cry for help. She asked me to visit a psychiatrist. I did that and recovered after many months. But mental health is something that you can’t forget about even after you recover. It is something you have to take care of. I have introduced some lifestyle changes now.
Where Stars Like Deepika recovered from Depression and share their battel experience publicly few stars like Jiah Khan were also in the list who could never got recovered and were consumed by the darkness of loneliness in result to their unexpected Suicide.

Written by: Manshi Singh

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