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Badhaai Do: All you need to know about lavender marriage ft. Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar

Written By : Aashish Vashistha

Badhai Do starring Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar will release on 11th February in cinemas

Under the banner of Junglee Pictures, Badhaai Do trailer is out now which is a franchise of Badhaai Ho. This is for the first time that Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar will share big screen for the first time. Without any doubt, this would be the most loving duo as we can see their unique chemistry in the trailer itself. Badhaai Do promises to give comical ride of unexpected humour and comedy as we have seen in Badhaai Ho movie which was based on middle- aged couples love amidst of hilarious situations.

Badhaai Do trailer revolves around a marital setting between Rajkumar and Bhumi and between them there are lot of secrets to unfold. Not clearly depicted but the theme of this trailer is based on the idea of “lavender marriage” which attracts a lot of audience towards it. In this trailer you will see Rajkumar and Bhumi getting married for some convenience and they are living like roommates not as couples. This creates a lot of humourous situations. This movie deals with a socially relevant subject and presented a very unique and different angle of love and acceptance.

Rajkumar Rao posted this picture on his Instagram, showing his body formation for this role.

In this trailer, Rajkumar Rao can be seen as a police cop named Shardul Thakur, in the ‘mahila police station’ who is interested in men and on other side Bhumi who is a PT coach, a woman surviving in the man’s world and she is interested in girls and infact she could be seen with her girlfriend, the role of Bhumi”s girlfriend is being played by Chum Darang, new name in the industry. It is interesting to watch this unique marriage which was only done for the sake of social pressures as Indian society is still not outspoken on Gay and Lesbian marriages even after the laws which came in favour of LGBTQIA community.

LGBTQIA supporters showing rainbow flag after ambulation of Section 377.

After section 377 of IPC was struck down, The Supreme Court, in a landmark judgement on September 6, 2018, unanimously take down a part of the Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which criminalised gay sex, saying that it violated the constitutional right to equality and dignity. But still there is a need to change the mindset of the society by creating more awareness regarding homosexuality and with the fact that love has no boundaries and it should not be affected by anything and this movie is serving the same purpose.

Also before the trailer was launched, Bhumi Pednekar took to Twitter to share the poster of the film. They can be seen trying to keep a secret from each other in the official poster of the film. “Arre yaar, ab toh ye secret kal out ho jayega ! Kyuki kal aa raha hai hamara trailer aur hum aa rahe hai theatres main. Hey bhagwan, I am very excited,” she tweeted with the photo.

Bhumi Pednekar shared poster of their film “Badhaai Ho”.

When asked on her role in the movie, Bhumi further added, “Badhaai Ho is one of my favourite films in recent times, and it is really exciting to take this franchise forward. For me, the script is one of the best that I have ever come across, and I immediately wanted to do this film. My character again is strong, independent and author-backed, and it gives me a lot of scope to bring a very different and cool character to life. This time, too, the film will say something extremely relevant and relatable, but in a hilarious manner. I’m also excited to share screen space with Raj for the first time.”

This movie touches a topic which is still not discussed openly in Indian society. The portrayal of gay and lesbian characters in mainstream Bollywood has been miniscule.Lavender marriage is a male–female mixed-orientation marriage, undertaken as a marriage of convenience to hide the socially stigmatised sexual orientation of one or both partners. These marriages were prominent in the 21st century when some homosexual Hollywood actors owing to the imposition of morality clauses entered into marriages of convenience to protect their public reputations, and to preserve their careers. But today in 21st century there’s a vocal support in favour of LGBTQIA community after section 377 was struck down and this topic needs to be addressed.

Indian Society and its perception towards homosexuality and lavender marriage:

No doubt, with modernization and progressive approach, this issue is being appreciated in majority by a lot of people and is awaring everyone with the message that ” Love see no boundaries and restrictions”. Some people have a different look on this trailer and they might criticize it’s theme but no doubt this is a unique theme which needs a conversation. Presenting this theme on big screen will definitely start conversations.

Rajkumar Rao is playing a role of a Cop in this movie.

Junglee Pictures’ ‘Badhaai Do’ is directed by Harshavardhan Kulkarni, written by Akshat Ghildial and Suman Adhikary. Badhaai Do releases on 11th February in theaters and is worldwide theatrically distributed by Zee Studios in vocal support for the LGBTQIA community. Badhaai Do have an ensemble cast featuring talented actors like Seema Pahwa, Sheeba Chadha, Chum Darang, Lovleen Mishra, Nitish Pandey and Shashi Bhushan amongst the leading actors. This movie will clash with Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyaan which will be releasing on Amazonn Prime Video on the same day.

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