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Are you an Android user? Then don’t forget to know about the new features coming into your smartphone.

Android users are you all set to host the new features coming into your smartphone? Recently, an American-based tech giant disclosed in a blog post the new features that are coming to new photos, Android Auto. Along with that app, permissions are also coming with a new feature. In addition, they are getting a few emoji features.


Android users can now see memories in Google Photos. These memories will appear in your photo grid and feature a curated selection of photos and videos from holidays like events, birthdays, weddings, and vacation trips. All these important milestones will be highlighted on your phone. It also provides you with a special feature that allows you to rename, personalize, correct, or even remove those memories from your photo gallery.


Your android smartphones can also be useful in your cars now. There is a feature called Android auto. You can set this feature to launch automatically when they connect an Android phone to any compatible car to stay connected on every drive. Now while driving there is no need to answer calls and texts on your phone because Google assistant will do this for you. This is the smart reply option that will help you to respond to a text message more easily. This will make your drive safer as many people distract themselves by using phones while driving. Android smartphones also include a play button that can be used to listen to music just with a single tap. Through android auto now users can use their voice to search for music faster in your media apps.


Android smartphones now have an Emoji kitchen that lets users combine emoji into stickers to share with their friends, family, and loved ones. Google says that it is coming with a new sticker collection that will “spread a little holiday cheer.” 117 new emojis will be launched in Android smartphones.

Android users will get to use these features in the coming weeks. So be ready to have some fun.

Written by Shivangi Chawla

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