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Alankrita Sahai opts out of the film after receiving obscene comments and harassment from the producer

After one of the producers misbehaved with actor Alankrita Sahai and made vulgar comments, she decided to leave a Punjabi film. Sahai admits she truly wanted to be a part of Fuffad Ji, which would have been her first Punjabi film, but things didn’t work out.

“The rest of the crew was excellent, but one of the producers was unprofessional, dishonest, and immoral, and I was unable to complete my first film in Punjab as a result. I’ve worked with a lot of producers and people throughout the years, and they’ve all been fantastic. “I’ve never had anything like it before,” the actor says.

Sahai, 27, claims that it all started with professional problems, and that she and the producer couldn’t get along after he crossed a limit.

“No one should ever cross the line, even if it is only verbally. Why would I allow it if you make snide, disrespectful, and vulgar remarks about me? My self-respect is vital to me as a woman, and I’ll defend it no matter what. She continues, “That man is crass and morally callous.”

“Nobody can misuse the money and influence they have and transgress boundaries with me,” The Love per Square Foot (2018) continues. He made my life a living hell; he harassed me, and I had to stand firm.”

When asked if she filed a complaint about the situation, the actor claims it didn’t get that far because no physical meetings were involved. “On texts and phone calls, there were strange messages and indecent behavior. I didn’t want it to become a #MeToo situation. That is not the situation here. She clarifies, “It was a case of wrongdoing.”

Sahai thinks that her decision to leave the project will teach the producer a lesson and encourage him to change his ways.

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