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No Fear No Favour

Actress Kate Winslet reveals she knows actors who hide their sexuality as it will affect their career in Hollywood.

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Hollywood Actress Kate Winslet on Sunday spoke about the stigma around homosexuality in Hollywood. The 45-year-old Titanic actress opened up about being aware of at least four actors who weren’t willing to make their sexuality public due to being terrified that it will harm their careers.

The Titanic star, while speaking to Sunday Times Culture, said she knows “at least four actors” who weren’t willing to make their sexuality public due to being “terrified” that it will “stand in the way” in an industry that harbours “judgment, discrimination and homophobia.”

“I cannot tell you the number of young actors I know – some well known, some starting – who are terrified their sexuality will be revealed and that it will stand in the way of their being cast in straight roles,” she said.

“A well-known actor has just got an American agent and the agent said, ‘I understand you are bisexual. I wouldn’t publicize that.’ I can think of at least four actors hiding their sexuality. It’s painful. Because they fear being found out,” Winslet continued.

Winslet said that some actors feel that being gay may stop them from getting cast as straight characters.

She added that “Hollywood has to drop that dated crap of, ‘Can he play straight because he’s gay?’ That should be almost illegal…and it can’t just be distilled to the question about gay actors playing gay parts. Because actors, in some cases, are choosing not to come out for personal reasons.”

For the unversed Kate Winslet’s role in biopic Ammonite was reportedly criticized by relatives of real-life fossil hunter Mary Anning when it began filming due to the ‘unconfirmed ‘ portrait of her sexuality.

Recently, Kate had been promoting her latest film Ammonite which sees her playing real-life unsung heroine Mary Anning, a legendary paleontologist whose work was reappropriated by her male peers and passed off their own.

Winslet finally accused the powerful figures within the film industry of making it rife with ‘judgment, discrimination and homophobia ‘ and suggested that LGBTQ people in Hollywood needed a MeeToo Style Movement.

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