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9 Nail trends you need to try now!

By Line: Nitisha Nagpal

Manicure departments are definitely not an easy task to tackle. There’s not much of hassle if you want to have your favs on a budget. As there is nothing more soothing then painting your own nails. Almost each of them is also Instagram worthy. We got your back!

1. French Tips-

The classic and evergreen 90’s French manicure has been on the trending list since long and is not going anywhere since it gets an upgrade every now and then. This year, the colourful tips , almond shape , curved tips and an ombré are creating a trend.

2. Mix and Match-

Endless color combination to choose from, one can definitely go expirement with this trend.

3. Monday Blues-

Well, notably announced as the mail color of the year, you can’t be trendy if you didn’t tried your hands at this (literally).

4. Animal Prints-

Taking inspiration from Mother Nature can never go out of style and we for sure have a ton. What is making a comeback or rather staying in is the leopard print, cow print, cheetah print and even zebra print is rocking these days.

5. Marbles-

Have you seen those mesmerising nails all over the Internet? Yes, this is the time to give it a try.

6. Abstract Nails-

A slightly new thing, but we are sure it is going to beat all the trends.

7. Blow those bubbles

Probably the most instagrammable nails on the lists, but the ingredients are as simple as a gel nail polish and some dish soap.

8. Hold on to those warm tone-

Who said that using toned colours are summer vibes, instead we will say that toned ones look the best or suits the best during winters. So go for it without thinking much.

9. The Logos-

Logo mani are a way to wear your favourite brands on your tips. Some of the popular mani includes Chanel, Gucci, LV, Burberry and many more.

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