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Saharanpur: Burping Volcano In The Name Of Caste-Community Relations.

Saharanpur: During Samajwadi Party’s regime, Muzaffarnagar witnessed riots, now Yogi government is also facing the same heat of communal riots. Saharanpur has become a battlefield for two communities. The city is witnessing the biggest clash. Earlier, SSP was threatened by BJP MP, now the new SSP seems to be under the same pressure to tackle the situation. This is the second biggest communal clash in the district in a fortnight.

Violence erupted after a dispute over a procession to commemorate the birth anniversary of Rajput king Maharana Pratap. Members of the Dalit community had objected to loud music being played during the event. According to media reports, there were rumours that Ambedkar statue in the village was also vandalised.

As Saharanpur is considered as a sensitive area for communal clashes, Uttar Pradesh Police chief Sulkhan Singh visited the ground zero on 7th May, Sunday.

“Police has registered cases, whoever is involved will not be spared at any cost. The investigation is on its route,” says Mr Singh.

Uttar Pradesh government has said that they are trying their best to control the situation. Seventeen people have been arrested so far in this case.

There are six FIR’s registered in this case- 4 by upper caste, 1 by Dalit community and 1 by police.

The riot has got worst today on 9th may, Tuesday. The protest by Dalit community got aggressive and resulted into chaos, 4-5 media vans were handed over to fire, resulting, a lathi charge by the district police over the

When NLC tried to contact SSP Saharanpur, Subhash Dubey, his pro answered and straightly denied all the rumours for riots, vehicle prey, lathi charge and curfew.

The opposition didn’t missed the chance to use the prey fire, as the senior Congress Leader from Saharanpur Imran Masood raised allegations over UP’s Yogi Govt. &  said, “The administration has totally failed. These processions are being taken out without required permission. This is politics of hate. Yogiji has been saying so many things, but no one seems to be listening to him.”

Bahujan Samaj Party Supremo Behan Mayawati also reacted to the latest incident in Saharanpur, and accused the government of indulging in “saffron appeasement”.

But Siddharth Nath Singh, spokesperson of the Uttar Pradesh government, refuted all allegations and said, “Just yesterday the chief minister said there will be no differentiation between anyone in the enforcement of law and order. Whatever directions are being given are without any bias. The lower machinery in the police also needs to understand that we are a tough government.”

Last month, several people, including local lawmaker Raghav Lakhanpal Sharma and Senior Superintendent of Police Love Kumar, were injured when a clash erupted between two communities during a rally to mark BR Ambedkar’s birth anniversary in Sadak Dudhali village in Saharanpur. Two cases were registered against Mr Sharma and a dozen others.

All this raises few questions for the public, why Saharanpur is a constant spot for community clashes? Who are the people behind it? Is the government liable for the riots?

Kalyug !! Boy married friend’s fiancee as friend was upset for not serving meat in the marriage

It is very righty said that a match is made in heaven.

People calls off their dream wedding for various reasons which are often their bizarre first world problems. In the latest, a groom’s family called off the wedding after they found out that meat was not served in the function.

The incident took place in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh where Rizvan was going to marry Nagma on Wednesday. However, his family objected when Nagma’s family did not serve non-vegetarian food in the function and called off the wedding after an argument.

Later, a community panchayat was called to resolve the dispute and Rizwan’s family agreed to go ahead with the ceremony but Nagma refused to marry at the last moment and instead tied the knot with another man, police said.

The man had himself proposed to marry her and the two were allowed to do so by the panchayat also.