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Maharashtra govt. trolled for not giving a state funeral to coach Ramakant Archrekar

Maharashtra govt. trolled for not giving a state funeral to coach Ramakant Archrekar.

Prakash Mehta, housing minister who representated state government in the funeral of famous cricket coach Ramakant Archrekar said it is “sad and unfortunate” that he was not given a state funeral.

He further added that not giving him a state funeral might be a “communication gap” at the government level. He was Sachin Tendulkar’s first coach. “It is someone’s mistake which caused communication gap. Me being a government representative, I apologise and I will check what happened”, Mr Mehta told the reporters.

Mr Prakash Mehta, the former Mumbai BJP chief said that he will speak to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on this matter. Coac Archrekar was the childhood coach of Sachin Tendulkar who died on Wednesday at his Shivaji Park residence.

Modi Walks Miles behind Atal Bihari’s pyre, breaks Protocol

Not even a single eye was left dry during the funeral of Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the whole nation bid its farewell to him. His pyre was lit by foster daughter Namita Bhattacharya at the Rashtriya Smriti Sthal on the bank of river Yamuna today.


PM Modi took charge and displayed his love and respect towards the deceased in the most commendable manner. The event was planned without leaving any aspect behind and Narendra Modi took it as an opportunity to display his management skills with the workers of BJP.

This is the first time the Prime Minister of India walked for miles and paid homage. This is the first time any PM has walked behind the coffin of a statesman. Nehruji sat on the vehicle carrying Gandhiji’s remains, Rajivji too sat on the vehicle. Modi is the first PM to walk the entire length behind the gun carriage.

While speaking to NLC, union minister said that the event was planned with no glitches to spare.

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharam took charge of the family of Atal Ji while Piyush Goyal was in charge of the ceremonies and rituals involved in the funeral. The International Guests were handled by Sushma Swaraj.

Now, robots to offer Buddhist funeral rites in Japan

If I a ask you, ‘What’s the new trend in robotics? It might be religion. Hot on the heels of Germany’s Protestant-inspired automated blessing machine, BlessU-2, a Japanese company has unveiled a smiling automaton programmed to conduct Buddhist funerals.

Unveiled during the annual Life Ending Industry Expo in Tokyo, a funeral industry trade show, the little robot was presented by Nissei Eco Co. as an inexpensive alternative to hiring a flesh-and-blood monk. According to Reuters, the robot, a reprogrammed version of SoftBank Robotics’ “Pepper” model of the interactive humanoid automaton, can chant Buddhist sutras and beat a little drum to honor the dead. It can even live stream the service if needed.

As funeral costs rise, Nissei Eco says, it can offer the robot, which was decked out in a little robe at the show, for just around $450 per service. Of course, this would come at a steep initial cost. According to the SoftBank website, Pepper robots, which are generically built to work as hosts and promotional tools, cost upwards of $25,000. For that and perhaps a host of other reasons, it’s unlikely that funeral Peppers are going to change the end-of-life industry overnight.

More and more, however, it’s starting to seem like religion truly is the opiate of the mechas.