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Due to the cold, a single plane has not yet been taken off from the Delhi airport.

Due to the cold, a single plane has not yet been take off  from the Delhi airport.

On Wednesday, there was relief from shivering in the plains, but snowfall continued in the hills. The result of this is that many states of north India, including Delhi-NCR, were found to see dense fog on Thursday. Not even a single flight was available from Delhi airport till 7.30 am, while 12 trains were delayed. At the same time, the three flights to Delhi airport have also been changed.

Jet Airways has tweeted about weather updates. He wrote – Due to the adverse weather conditions at Delhi airport, our flights coming and going from Delhi have been affected.

Earlier, Delhi’s minimum temperature was 6.5 degrees Celsius. In Kargil minimum temperature of minus 17 was recorded. In Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi, the minimum temperature has decreased as compared to the previous days. Fog effect has begun to fall on the rail and air traffic. Most trains reaching Delhi are delayed. Time has changed for some trains. Some have been canceled.

On Wednesday, the minimum temperature in Rajasthan came to minus. The temperature of only three cities in the state was above 5 degrees. Fatehpur recorded a temperature of 1.5 degree Celsius and Mount Abu was 4.4 degrees Celsius.

The time of delayed flights, trains and office timing starts as dense fog starts in northern India.

Delhities those days came back when you don’t want to leave the bed, the mushy feeling with your blankets, planning 2-3 hours in advance for anything, fog covering the car windshield and worst of all angry bosses when you come late at offices.

Back to seriousness, fog cover parts of north India continued to disrupt train movement and flights to the city, causing inconvenience to commuters. According to railway officials, Kalka-New Delhi Shatabdi Express was delayed by 47 minutes while New Delhi – Kalka Shatabdi Express was late by more than two hours.

Una – New Delhi Janshatabdi Express was late by over 40 minutes. Few other trains bound for Chandigarh, and other parts in the Ambala division were delayed due to fog.

Air traffic at the Delhi International Airport, too, was hit by dense fog at the Delhi airport. Airport officials said flights originating from Delhi were badly hit. IndiGo flights originating from Delhi were delayed by over one hour.

Not only that but office going people were struck in traffic because of dense fog mainly in YamunaExpressway and Delhi-Gurgaon Higway too.

Though it’s the season to enjoy but prepare everything in advance as the late office hours, delayed trains and cancelled flights will continue in next few days.