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For Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka, Hyderabad streets to be free of beggars

Worried perhaps of what Ivanka Trump might get to see on Hyderabad’s streets during her visit later this month, the police on Tuesday banned begging on the streets.
During his meeting with President Trump in Washington in June, Modi had invited Ivanka for the GES, which started in 2010. Officials said whether Ivanka will be visiting other cities or not will be known in the coming days as the two sides work out the details of the high-profile visit.

But the biggest surprise came in the form of a written order by Hyderabad police commissioner M Mahendar Reddy, who issued a notification prohibiting begging in the city. Ivanka, advisor and daughter of the United States President Donald Trump, will address a session during the November 28-30 global summit. After the GES gets over, thousands of NRI Telugus will converge in the city for a five-day World Telugu Conference from December 15. Interestingly, the ban order shall be in force from 6 am on Wednesday to 6 am on January 7, 2018.

In the notification, which was issued for the first time in recent times, the commissioner said: Begging alms and also employing children and handicapped for begging in public places and at the main road junctions in the city of Hyderabad by causing inconvenience, annoyance, danger and safety of the vehicular traffic and pedestrians, is prohibited. “They are also employing children and handicapped persons to seek alms at the main junctions of roads. Such acts are causing annoyance and awkwardness by exposing in an indecent manner to divert the attention of the vehicular traffic as well as pedestrians and public, in general, to induce them to give I alms. These acts are dangerous to the safety of the vehicular traffic and public in general,” the notification says.Officials cited Section 144 of CrPc to prohibit begging.

“Any person violating this order shall be able for punishment under Section 188 of the Indian penal code and as per the provisions of Hyderabad City Police Act, 1348 Fasli, TS Prevention of Begging Act, 1977 and J.J. Act 2000,” the officials said.

A similar rule was forced in the city several years ago when the US President Bill Clinton arrived and the municipal authorities shifted beggars away from the road junctions across the city.

The success story of this Chennai guy who turned from being a beggar to a Cambridge University scholar!

When life closes one door, it open another one fro you But sometimes we keep standing in front of the closed door for so long that we don’t even notice the new opportunities in front of us. For Jayavel, almost all the doors of his life were closed soon after the crop failure in 80’s. Life was almost finished for Jayavel at a very tender age. When children of his age were busy playing in the fields, this little boy had no option left for himself, except begging.

22-yr-old Jayavel from Chennai makes it big through getting a chance to study advanced automobile engineering from the prestigious Cambridge University.
But, this is not the big news. His success is precious and uncommon because he needed to defy all of the odds because the boy’s family is into begging. Thanks to a prime crop failure inside the 80s, Jayavel’s own family moved from Nellore and started out begging at the streets of Chennai. Jayavel also accompanied his mother and father in begging and his own family’s sole surviving choice was begging.
After the demise of his father while he was very young, Jayavel’s mother were given hooked on alcohol and spent most of the day’s earning on it.
Hope resurfaced for Jayavel when he met Uma Muthuraman. Muthumaran and her husband had been documenting the scenario of street kids in Chennai and they met Jayavel and decided to extend their help to him.
They took Jayavel beneath their very own steerage in 1999.

Their NGO, Suyam Charitable agree with, helped Jayavel get a right schooling. After he secured accurate marks in 12th popular, few donors had been interested in giving him mortgage for better training.
After that, he cleared Cambridge College’s front exam and were given a seat in Glyndwr university, Wales, the UK to examine ‘overall performance vehicle Enhancement generation Engineering’, a path that offers with improving the overall performance of race vehicles. he is now going to Italy for in addition studies. Jayavel has now become an thought for the rest of the youngsters inside the NGO.
Suyam accept as true with borrowed Rs 17 lakh for Jayavel’s research in London. Muthumaran has to arrange for every other 8 lakh rupees for Jayavel to go to Italy and make sure that his researches don’t get interrupted. Jayavel meets his mom every now and then as he doesn’t like her drinking dependency.
After completing his research, Jayavel wants to join hands with Muthumaran to assist him in running his trust.