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My life revolves around social media, indeed yours too. It is just a matter of fact that social media has now became our new partner. Day starts and ends with it. During global crises like the one we are facing now, social media has proved itself to be the best compatible measures.

With increasing technology it serves us many opportunities of creating social media platforms.

Social media platforms are basically networking apps which has successfully created following and gained an enormous amount of popularity.

Keen interest of youth arises due to ability of social networking sites and apps making it easy to socialize and providing a platform with interesting and easy access.

What makes an app most compatible to all of us is different function making communication easier and providing convenience for users.

Every now and then we come across different applications which has answer to all our questions.

More and more people are coming together. It appears like the world is shrinking into a society having particular perception and common gestures.

Be honest; we all know that socializing is as important as doing daily chores of our house.

Technological advancement providing opportunities to each and every country paved a way for us to start analysing and creating social media accounts.

Considering our country India has never lacked itself into technological advancement.

From producing social media influencers to create social media applications we have never stepped aback

Considering most famous social media apps that have reached the milestones are


Messenger is India’s most successful social media app crossing milestone over 15 to 20 million users within the few years of its establishment. News is being provided by the app in 8 different languages Hike ID is considered to be one of the most important feature for maintenance of its privacy term.


Who doesn’t knows about Mitron, it is one of the most popular Indian government app which is considered to be best alternative of tiktok. As Indian government banned tiktok, mitron came as one of the most influential app which helped creators to outcast their talent through social platform.


If you are an English learner you must sure know about share chat.

This App covers multiple areas such as various groups to learn English.

What makes this app relevant to the top list, is its availability of various funny and knowledgeable videos. It is available in 15 different languages.


counting on upon India’s best app how can we not include ROPOSO it is a video creation and sharing app made in India it offers multiple local languages which makes it easier for user to Commensurate social media platform

 Our attributes of attraction towards social platform is the way of their presentation. Involvement of funny stickers and videos with easy access ability attracts youth the most. According to most of the users they all hunt for an app which can easily provide them with all requirements they have been looking for.

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