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Supreme Court gives a clean chit to Modi Government on Rafale Deal

On Friday, the supreme court passes the clean cheat to Narendra Modi’s government on the procurement of 36 Rafael fighter planes from France and dismissed all the petition. Supreme court said that it had studied matter extensively and found that there is no occasion to doubt on the process or else we can say Rafael process is perfectly fine.

Here is a look why the supreme court passed the deal:

1) Not the court’s job to deal with the comparative details of the pricing when the need and quality of aircraft is not in doubt.

2) No material to show that the deal is commercial favouritism.

3) No substantial matter to interfere with the issue of procurement, pricing and offset partner.

4) There is a necessity to induct fourth and fifth generation fighter aircraft and the country cannot remain without these jets.

5) Perception of individuals cannot be the basis of roving inquiry by the court.

However, the final judgment shows that there are a number of details and arguments that the court has either ignored, side-stepped or merely accepted at face value without further questioning.

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