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Violent Clashes at Amity University over a parking dispute, 2 grievously injured.

Amity University
Violent Clashes at Amity University over parking dispute, 2 grievously injured

Two students who were allegedly beaten up identified as Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary both pursuing BA (political science).

The fight started over a silly reason. According to the victims, the issue erupted following an argument over parking cars outside the campus.

On August 28, the two students were about to enter the university in their i20 car around 2.30 pm when they allegedly found a Ford Endeavour oddly parked at the gate, blocking their way. They requested the security guards at the gate to ask the girls sitting in the SUV to remove their car and make way. However, the car remained in its position and both the parties got into an argument.

The two boys claim then they went inside the university without any further arguments. An hour later, the two girls allegedly came back to the university and entered the classroom of Harsh and Madhav along with 25 men.

The group mercilessly started beating up Harsh and Madhav inside the classroom in which several students and teachers were left injured.

On the other hand, the girls have alleged that were harassed and molested by the two boys. Police said they are looking into both the cases that have been lodged and they will also inspect CCTV footage of the campus to know what exactly happened.

If this isn’t fake feminism, then I don’t know what is. Girls like these are taking advantage of feminism and using it in the wrong way. Because of the bad example, they set to society, other girls have to suffer.

This has to stop and justice for Harsh and Madhav should be taken and the victim should be punished.

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