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Interesting: A Chinese women gave birth to twins of different father

A Chinese women in Xiamen city of china has given birth to twins that belongs to different males. One belongs to her husbands and other other belongs to her lovers. This incidence seems to be unbelievable but this is the truth.

This news first appeared on Strait Herald, a Chinese online news website. The news was told to Strait Herald by Ms Zhang, who is the director of the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre, the government agency which ran the paternity test for the twins.

The women husband identified that among the twins one’s appearance was very similar to him while the second baby looks totally different from first one. He went to his wife and asked her about the baby appearances. She responded to her husband with an angry tone saying you doubt my loyalty. After getting an unsatisfactory reply from his wife. He went to doctor and asked him for the DNA checkup of both children’s.

The result was very shocking as DNA report revealed that one child has got his DNA while the second child had someone else DNA. He went to his wife and showed the report. Later, her wife accepted that she had a one night stand with her boyfriend and they didn’t used protection. She later added, may be the second child belongs to her boyfriend. After listening the truth husband enraged at his wife and refused to bear the responsibility and further life expenses of her boyfriend child.

If we ignore the personal and relation factor from this incidence and look into the scientific phenomena of giving birth to the twins from different man at same time is called as heteropaternal superfecundation. It can happen either if a woman has sex with two separate partners in an extremely short timespan, or if a woman releases two eggs a few days apart in the same reproductive cycle, and then has sex with different partners.

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