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Imran Khan threatened India for Nuclear war

Imran khan and narendra modi
Imran Khan threatened India for Nuclear war

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that now he will not appeal to talk to India. With this, Imran Khan said that the danger of military conflict between the two nuclear-rich countries is increasing.

After Modi government’s decision to abolish the special status of Kashmir, Pakistani PM Imran Khan has been making words continuously. In an interview to American newspaper The New York Times, Imran said, “Now there is no use of talking, unfortunately now when I look back I think I made all efforts to talk”. He complained that he repeatedly requested for talks but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignored it.
India had made his stand clear since the Pathankot terror attack that unless Pakistan actually takes action against terrorism, there will be no talks with it. However, Pakistan’s PM Imran has appealed for talks on several occasions. Imran Khan once again called PM Modi a fascist and a Hinduist and accused that he wanted to wipe out the Muslim-majority population of Kashmir and convert it into a Hindu-majority area.

Threatening the war, Imran said that anything can happen when two nuclear-powered people will face each other. Pakistan PM said, ‘My worry is that the situation in Kashmir can increase the tension. Both the countries are endowed with nuclear power, so the world should pay attention to the situation we are facing.

Rejecting the false allegations of Pakistan, the ambassador said that life in Kashmir is becoming normal. He said, seeing the situation, restrictions are being relaxed. Schools, banks and hospitals have opened. There is enough food stock there. In the interest of the safety of the citizens, certain restrictions have been placed on communication only.

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