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Great Invention – Indian Railways develops zero contact COVID19 checking booth: Learn More

Indian Railways develops a mobile doctor booth! With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting an outsized number of individuals, the doctors who are continuously fighting with this example, require a “zero contact check-up facility”. Thus, so as to mitigate this challenge, Indian Railways’ Coach Rehabilitation Workshop, Bhopal, which falls under the West Central Railway zone, has designed a “mobile doctor booth” named “CHARAK”. This may facilitate zero-contact check-ups in light of the novel coronavirus outbreak also as make sure the safety of the medical professionals/doctors due to the “viral barrier chamber”.

The system will allow doctors to look at patients without direct physical contact, thereby protecting them from the hazards of viral exposure.

According to Indian Railways, the system is extremely helpful in mitigating the matter of scarcity of PPEs for medical staff. Because it reduces the disposal of single-use Polypropylene PPEs, there’ll be a discount in bio-medical waste. A doctor booth may be a mobile unit, thus, it is often easily transported to remote locations and rural areas. Moreover, it enabled to travel within 500 m area by hand transport.

Also, the mobile doctor booth is a cheap and low-cost viral barrier for doctors, says Indian Railways. Take a glance at a number of the salient features of CHARAK:

1) For the creation of CHARAK, a SS modular toilet unit released from the ICF design coach is getting used by the technocrats team of CRWS, Bhopal.

2) Complete sealing of the front side is being done by a sealant to for CHARAK Viral Barrier.

3) To facilitate the doctor for Zero Contact check-up, a glass screen with two openings and gloves has been provided.

4) For the straightforward movement of the booth for a shorter distance, the provision of Pusher or Puller handle alongside side wheel is being provided.

5) Also, many steps are taken to form CHARAK ergonomically and aesthetical feasible, which are as follows:

a) The covering of the ground has been done by compreg ply and PVC flooring.
b) The toilet seat has been modified with the assistance of compreg ply with comfortable cushioning arrangement for doctor/medical professional during leisure.
c) Exhaust fan arrangement, light arrangement, the wall-mounted fan is being provided.
d) For the doctors to write down a prescription, see test reports and take snacks/lunch while performing duties, a wall-mounted side table has been provided.
e) Amenities like bottle holder handles, coat hook also is provided for putting personal belongings.
f) To improve the aesthetics, vinyl wrapping is being done inside and out of doors of the booth.

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