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A raped girl disappeared from school and now the same management is suppressing death of 10 year old boy

Ranipokhari is a place in Dehradun. There is a school in Bhogpur village name ‘Children Home Academy Boarding School’. School provides free education to those children whose parents are unable to teach them. The school Right now, is coming under controversy for suppressing the murder of 12 year-old child who was killed on 10th March.

The child’s name was Vasu Yadav. He lives there in the school’s hostel. The School Buildings and Hostel campus of the Children’s Home Academy are at different corners of the campus. There is a distance of one and a half kilometers between the two campuses. On March 10 Vasu was beaten by his two senior accompanied by his friends. Both his seniors accused Vasu for stealing biscuits and then took him to the hostel roof around 2 in the afternoon Where they whooped him with the hockey stick.

Vasu started screaming loudly. A family lived around 200 meters away from the hostel. They heard the screams of Vasu, Then they went on the terrace and tried to stop them by screaming from their roof. After that both the boys ran away. Vasu’s shrieks also stopped Because by then he was dead.

The hostel’s staff was 300 meters away from the hostel, but he said that he heard no voice.
Till now 5 people are arrested among which 2 are students and 3 are staff member including the warden of the hostel.

In this case, Usha Negi, chairman of Uttarakhand’s Child Development Commission, in her press conference on April 4 .she said, she would request the government to handover the whole matter to CBI . She Said that many such facts are yet to be revealed in this matter, for which the case needs to be referred directly to the CBI.

Apart from this, Usha talked about another case. She said that in the year 2017, some children of this school went to the Narendar Nagar of Tehri Garhwal in a school trip. Where a child was disappeared And they have not found him until today.

Vasu Yadav’s murder, rape of the girl and the disappeared child, after contacting Ranipokhari police station to get more information about these three cases. SHO PD Bhatt told that in 2012, no FIR was filed against rape from the school girl. Neither anyone reported this matter to the police. But from our sources we have come to know that this kind of incident happened. Apart from this, when reporter asked the police about the case of a missing child. Then they were told that the police team had tried to find the boy for a week or so but they could not find him. Apart from this, it is said in the case of murder of Vasu Yadav that the investigation is going on, Five people have been arrested.

Reporter talked to school management. He talked to the manager then he was questioned about the rape, on this manager said that news was wrong and Said that no incident of rape took in the school. Well, Usha Negi says that all these criminal cases in school will not be allowed to go without scrutiny.

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